My name is Ilse, but my parents and friends call me Jilske (pronounced ‘Yilska’ for English speakers).

I am a Belgian wedding and travel photographer based in Sydney, Australia.
I love taking pictures that tell stories that move people.
I like my milk with coffee and romance with a bit of edge.
I will have two desserts for dinner, and sometimes more for dessert.
I always look for the best in other people.
I prefer natural light, and candlelight even more.
I am addicted to maps. If infographoholic were a word, I’d be one.
I think variety is the spice of life. Incidentally spicy foods are my favourite.
I don’t like perfection. Probably because I am such a perfectionist.
I married my best friend in 2006. And he still makes me laugh.
I love hugs.

And I am lucky, because my job is truly my passion.

Feel free to look around my website, check out my work and my blog to find out more about me. If you have any questions or are interested in hiring me as your wedding photographer, please get in touch.



“Imagine what we would be capable of, if all we were capable of was love?”