Postcard from Byron Bay

The first thing we noticed was the light. As we approached in the dark night, weary after such a long drive, the lighthouse guided our way to our new home at the sea. We crashed like waves ashore, only to wake up yesterday morning to the beauty that is Byron…

Emma & Andy {married at Petersham Bowling Club}

Ah this wedding, where to begin? Seriously, it’s brilliant. Emma and Andy organised a fun and simple wedding that truly reflected ‘them’. They did everything they could to make it their own and everyone loved it! They held the ceremony and reception at their┬álocal bowling club in Petersham. This is not some dangly old dusty […]

Mary & Daniel {engaged in Bruges}

Do you have a place you vaguely remember visiting as a small child? When you are little, every daytrip is an exciting journey to faraway unknown places. As you grow older, those memories fade, and I find myself longing to return to those places, yearning to relive those happy feelings and that sense of discovery. […]