Audrey & Remsten {engaged}

I don’t know what it is that brought us to live in such a magical place, but I do know I fell in love the moment we moved here. Nestled between national parks and the ocean, everything moves at its own pace. Even the ducks take their time to leisurely cross the road as if […]

Erika & Filips {married at Faculty Club, Leuven, Belgium}

When I talk about going home, I still refer to Belgium. It is where I grew up, met most of my friends, fell in love and silently grew my wanderlust until it was time to fly the nest. So it was with much enthusiasm that I finally – after three years of shooting weddings all […]

A different kind of celebration

I have a confession to make… I am dirty. I have been puked on. There is probably some wee in places I don’t know about. There is definitely poo on clothes in my laundry basket. Blood. Sweat. No tears – lots and lots of milk though. Now, if this was the dog vomiting on the […]