A different kind of celebration

I have a confession to make… I am dirty. I have been puked on. There is probably some wee in places I don’t know about. There is definitely poo on clothes in my laundry basket. Blood. Sweat. No tears – lots and lots of milk though.

Now, if this was the dog vomiting on the couch (again), she would get an earful. But this little creature, who has only been around for a month, gets away with it. She screams so loudly at times, my eardrums tremble like a volcano about to pop. Yet the dog gets shushed for each little whimper. Especially if aforementioned little creature is sleeping.

So I’m not so sure we should be celebrating Mother’s Day. The dog might have a thing or two to say/bark about that. Yet here it is. My first time.

Welcome Charlie.

Love you always,
mum xXx

jilske_photography_mothers_day_newborn-1 jilske_photography_mothers_day_newborn-2 jilske_photography_mothers_day_newborn-3 jilske_photography_mothers_day_newborn-4 jilske_photography_mothers_day_newborn-5