I am so proud to post this feedback I’ve received from couples I’ve worked with over the years. Meeting and having fun with great people like this is one of the reasons I truly love my job!

Naomi & Bobby (Australia)

“Thanks so much for the gorgeous photos and all your hard work. People keep saying how beautifully the images captured the spirit of the day. Couldn’t be happier!”

Michelle & Dries (Belgium)

“Wow!!! Goosebumps… The photos are so beautiful; we’ll have a hard time picking one for our invitation! Thank you so much for taking the time to get to know us better, it was much more fun than we expected! Can we hire you already for when we have kids?”

Viv & Nick (Australia)

“Nick and I absolutely loved working with Ilse for our wedding. She made us both feel so comfortable in front of the camera which is no mean feat! The first time we saw the photos from the day, I gasped every time the next photo came up. They were all so beautiful and completely embodied the mood and emotion of the day.”

Mercedes & Pieter (Mexico)

“You know your work can be highly recommended when no matter the language or country, but your whole family is crying while watching with you the best memories ever taken! Thanks Ilse for preserving these magical memories, you have made photos that will be a treasure for the rest of our lives.”

Jess & Rob (Australia)

“We did an awesome Trash the Dress session using the white dress I wore at my reception. Jilske’s idea to have our own bright Holi festival at the beach was perfect since I wore a Sari-inspired dress for the ceremony. Jilske managed to capture the exact moments when the brightly colored powder particles were hurled across the sandstone and the photos turned out stunning! I couldn’t wait to show off to people. Jilske is a really fun and dynamic photographer and her photos reflect that. It’s good to have beautiful, romantic photos taken on the wedding day, but it’s fabulous to have exciting and playful photos afterward to complement. We can’t imagine having TTD photos taken by anyone else!”