March 1, 2012

A dash of orange and red

Jess was in love with this inspirational pinboard I made. The vibrant colours. Crisp textures. So before they covered her dress in colourful holi powder, Jess and Rob rocked a few photos with this red & orange theme.

Do you also have your old wedding dress lying around? Are you inspired to get it out, dress up and have some fun? Contact me and we might come up with a few lovely ideas together! I could do with another sparkling pomegranate cocktail…

All our knicks and knacks were sourced locally, from absolutely delightful people who pride themselves on personal service. The kind of service I love! Thanks so much to:

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Gorgeous, delicious, scrumptious! The bride looks bridal magazine beautiful. Love it. x

23:53 March 2, 2012

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