November 4, 2012

Naomi & Bobby {married at Athol Hall, Mosman}

I thought I understood when Naomi told me she loves Bobby because he makes her laugh. Bobby is blessed with that Irish wit, for sure (no leprechaun jokes, promise).

I thought I understood her wanderlust and his ability to be her anchor.

But then came their wedding day…
I laughed with the girls getting ready on the hilariously bad 80’s tunes. They introduced a whole new generation to MC hammer, his pants and stories about Naomi’s mother’s blue Ford.
I cried when Chris put his daughter on a pedestal in his speech. There wasn’t a person left in the room who didn’t fall in love with her at that moment.
I found myself nodding when Naomi said she didn’t believe in soulmates, but then she met Bobby and he could fool her into thinking otherwise.
And I believe then I truly understood.

Bobby & Naomi, I hope you make each other smile for years to come. And make lots of gorgeous blue-eyed babies, because I think you’re going to be amazing, fun and most of all, loving parents! (PS I call dibs on photographing them too 🙂 )

Here’s a short video with the highlights of the day:


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