July 30, 2015

Audrey & Remsten {engaged}

I don’t know what it is that brought us to live in such a magical place, but I do know I fell in love the moment we moved here. Nestled between national parks and the ocean, everything moves at its own pace. Even the ducks take their time to leisurely cross the road as if to remind everyone else to slow down and take it all in.

What I am about to share with you is probably one of my favourite spots of all time. The light, especially in winter, paints everything with a cinematic haze you just cannot buy with an instagram filter.  I am so glad Audrey & Remsten took some time out of their busy schedule to make it up to our little neck of the woods here on the Central Coast. “Engagement” shoots are always a bit contrived, but oh so good to get that rapport with the camera together. And then to be able to see them visibly relax and wind down and just be. Together. Truly bliss.

Jilske_Wedding_Photography_Central_Coast_Engagement_0004 Jilske_Wedding_Photography_Central_Coast_Engagement_0003 Jilske_Wedding_Photography_Central_Coast_Engagement_0001 Jilske_Wedding_Photography_Central_Coast_Engagement_0002 Jilske_Wedding_Photography_Central_Coast_Engagement_0008 Jilske_Wedding_Photography_Central_Coast_Engagement_0010 Jilske_Wedding_Photography_Central_Coast_Engagement_0009 Jilske_Wedding_Photography_Central_Coast_Engagement_0006 Jilske_Wedding_Photography_Central_Coast_Engagement_0011 Jilske_Wedding_Photography_Central_Coast_Engagement_0012 Jilske_Wedding_Photography_Central_Coast_Engagement_0013 Jilske_Wedding_Photography_Central_Coast_Engagement_0014 Jilske_Wedding_Photography_Central_Coast_Engagement_0016 Jilske_Wedding_Photography_Central_Coast_Engagement_0018 Jilske_Wedding_Photography_Central_Coast_Engagement_0019 Jilske_Wedding_Photography_Central_Coast_Engagement_0021 Jilske_Wedding_Photography_Central_Coast_Engagement_0022 Jilske_Wedding_Photography_Central_Coast_Engagement_0017

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Melissa Soncini - Sydney Marriage Celebrant

Love these photos. Love these two.

21:29 July 30, 2015

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