February 5, 2013

Behind the lens – February 2013

2 seagulls in love - free February wallpaper
1/500 sec, f 3.5, 85mm, ISO 200

The Place
Sydney is home to 4,5 million people – and a popular travel destination to almost as many tourists every year. One of its major attractions is the magnificent harbour, dotted with sparkly boats in the shimmering water, and rimmed with splendid white beaches.

The Story
There are days when you find the perfect light, the perfect spot and … nothing happens. Until a couple of lovebirds come along. If you’ve seen Finding Nemo (you should ;-)), you know how annoying these little rascals can be (“Mine! Mine! Mine!”) sometimes. In this case though I desperately needed a model. With no food on me I resorted to talking and whistling to get their attention. See the mocking look in their eyes? Yeah, I’m not so good at whistling 🙂

Full Calendar 2013
This image is part of the 2013 calendar. Follow this link to download the full size version to use as wallpaper on your tablet or desktop.

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