June 13, 2013

Behind the lens – June 2013

Jilske Photography - Uluru sunrise
camera settings: 1/20sec, f/22, 18mm, ISO 250

The Place
Uluru, also known as Ayers Rock. But its original name suits it best. The red heart of Australia. I hope you have a very big monitor to put this month’s calendar on, for once, bigger is truly better 🙂

The Story
While no image can truly replicate the unique sense of place and time you feel when you visit Uluru, I hope this gives you an inkling. Everything around Uluru looks flat and faded, but for the rock itself, which looms over the landscape like a T-rex in Jurassic Park.. During daytime, in the harsh Australian midday sun, it looks like a stern, grumpy old man. But at night and during early sunrise, it softly hints of a past long gone. I woke up way before sunrise for this photo, but this moment, when the sun came up and softly kissed the top of the bushes? Pure magic.

I hope to get back one day.

During my visit I also created a little timelapse of the sun going under behind the Kata Tjuta…

PS: That’s also me playing the piano on that track 😉

Full Calendar 2013
This image is part of the 2013 calendar. Follow this link to download the full size version to use as wallpaper on your tablet or desktop.

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