September 6, 2013

Behind the lens – September 2013

Jilske Photography Mexico Oaxaca Colourful House Facade
camera settings: 1/125th sec, f8, ISO 200, 27mm

The Place
The very atmospheric town of Oaxaca in Mexico.

The Story
Early on when I started learning more about light and photography, I made the mistake thinking only the morning and evening light was ‘good’. Gradually I learned that any light can be used, even harsh light, depending on what you want to say and how you want to use it. So here I was in Mexico. A gorgeous country, lots of people who love to smile back at you. Full of colours to give you that perfect summer feeling. To focus on these colours a midday sun is perfect for this frame. Any direction to the light would have shown the texture on the wall and thrown angled shadows. The sun can wash out colours though, so I underexposed a little here to keep a bit punch in there. Bright, but not too bright.
So remember, you can shoot all day, no siesta for the wicked!

Full Calendar 2013
This image is part of the 2013 calendar. Follow this link to download the full size version to use as wallpaper on your tablet or desktop.

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