March 8, 2017

Cara & Mike {married at Cabarita Park}

Sometimes things don’t go as planned…

So here’s the story of Mike and Cara’s wedding day. Their friends all gathered together to help create the perfect day for them.  Their puppy Jetson served as ringbearer. Her best friend accessorised her wedding dress (seriously look at the photos, it’s gorgeous!). Her mum’s friend created all the bouquets and floral ensembles with succulents and Australian native flowers. In fact, Cara’s mum was so focussed on them…that she forgot to bring her own dress. Then the ceremony got majorly delayed. With a sinking heart I watched the sun set behind the Cabarita jetty and the light go down.

Now here’s the zinger: it didn’t matter ONE bit! Not. One. Bit. Cara and Mike were super chill. We’d already done wedding photos in Cabarita Park together earlier in the day. The guests enjoyed a magnificent sunset. The lovely celebrant Melissa was able to stay a bit longer. Cara’s mum found a dress to wear. So they got married with lots of tears and tissues (note: buy shares in Kleenex). And at the end of the day they had a wonderful time with their family & friends with a great party at Vela Dining.

It totally shows how a beautiful, personal day can still be so, even if someone misses their speech or has to borrow a dress. Isn’t that what really matters!

Bride getting ready with her bridesmaids in Glebe townhouse Jennifer Regan ivory wedding dress with handmade shoulder detail Bride getting ready with her bridesmaids Bride and bridesmaids getting make-up done Bride laughing while getting ready Bride and best friend with Jennifer Regan wedding dress Bridesmaid helping bride Bridesmaid reaction Bride walking down stairs Art deco wedding invitation and wedding rings with sapphire engagement ring Portrait of groom and Cream and merlot wedding bouquet with australian natives and succulents First look between groom and bride at Cabarita Park Sunlit Cabarita Park wedding photography Bride and groom at Cabarita Park wedding Sunlit Cabarita Park wedding photos Bridal party at Cabarita park Candid moment between bride and bridesmaid Cream and merlot wedding bouquet with australian natives and succulents Fun bride with her bridesmaids with shades of red, burgundy and merlot Candid moment between groom and his groomsmen Groom smiling in london cab taxi Decorated figtree for wedding ceremony at Cabarita Park Candid moment with groom and wedding guests at Cabarita Park Groom waiting for his bride at Cabarita Park figtree Jetson the puppy doing duty as ringbearer Chinese grandma arrives at wedding ceremony Groom says hi to grandma Groom checking his watch before bride arrivesBride arrives in London cab Father and bride walk down aisle Bride and father walking down aisle at Cabarita Park Father giving away bride at Cabarita Park Father, bride and groom laugh at aisle Bride and groom under figtree at Cabarita Park wedding ceremony Emotional bride wiping away tears at Cabarita Park Family watching bride and groom get married Groom in love Shades of red and ivory, cream and merlot australian natives wedding bouquet Groom and bride holding tissues Groom and bride smiling at ceremony Bride and groom exchanging rings Bride and groom kissing under figtree at Breakfast Point wedding ceremony Bride and groom just married Bride and groom walking down aisle at Breakfast Point wedding Groom hugging wedding guest Bride and groom walking on the beach next to Cabarita Park ferry jetty Red chinese wedding detail Bride and groom enter reception at Vela dining in Cabarita Wedding guests cheering Father of the bride speech Wedding toast Father and bride heartfelt wedding hug Close-up of wedding speech Wedding guests laughing at Vela dining in Cabarita Groom getting emotional at speech Wedding guests laughing at speech Bride speeching her groom at Vela dining in Cabarita wedding Heartfelt hug between bride and best friend Wedding photos at Vela dining in Cabarita Park Family wedding photo in photobooth Family generations photos at reception Groom and his father Heartfelt hug between bride and wedding guest Detail of pink macaroons at wedding dessert table Nearly naked wedding cake decorated with australian natives Bride and groom cut nearly naked wedding cake decorated with australian natives Wedding reception at Vela dining in Cabarita Bride and groom last dance Bride and groom dancing during reception
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