December 13, 2016

Emily & Robbie {married at Dunbar House}

It’s been a few months now since these two celebrated their wedding at Dunbar House. When I tell people that I love what I do, photographing weddings, often they’ll ask “Oh, have you worked with any bridezillas!?!” Hoping to hear some salacious story, I have to disappoint them (and you if you were now hoping to read one!). In fact, I seem to get only the best brides and grooms. I don’t know how it happens, the law of attraction?
As I wrote on insta a while ago, I don’t believe in “happy ever after”.  And I mean that in the best way possible. Because I believe in marrying your best friend, sticking through the good, the bad and the ugly, together. In art and at heart I am an eternal romanticist. It’s hard to let go of the notion that there’s one unique perfect soulmate out there for everyone. That love isn’t always wild and free and ferocious and all-consuming (Wuthering Heights anyone?). To realize it’s not about what makes you happy, but what makes you suffer (very Westworld these days I know). Ironically, that’s when you will be true to yourself and to each other. And if you can pick each other up at that moment in time, you can do it no matter which way your individual paths go. Keeping them intertwined. Sticking through the good, the bad, the ugly and the not-forever-constantly-ever-after happy times.
A long-winded way of saying, these two are my peeps. Here’s to marrying your best friend, forever after!!!


PS: Before you ask… No, the bride and her sister are NOT twins. And yes, they’re sure 😉
PPS: If you’re loving the native flowers – check out other gorgeous work by Fiona from Floristik for Love

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