January 24, 2014

Emma & Andy {engaged}

Not far from where they live, is a park where Emma and Andy often go to relax. That’s where we went for a picnic together — and I was amazed to discover this little green hidden pocket in the middle of the city — frequented by so many diverse locals. We had an awesome and fun time and were even inspired to make a little movie together… 😉

Emma + Andrew from jilske on Vimeo.

Here are some more outtakes from the shoot:

Jilske_Wedding_Photography_Ashfield_Park_Engagement_Picnic-01 Jilske_Wedding_Photography_Ashfield_Park_Engagement_Picnic-02 Jilske_Wedding_Photography_Ashfield_Park_Engagement_Picnic-03 Jilske_Wedding_Photography_Ashfield_Park_Engagement_Picnic-04 Jilske_Wedding_Photography_Ashfield_Park_Engagement_Picnic-05 Jilske_Wedding_Photography_Ashfield_Park_Engagement_Picnic-06 Jilske_Wedding_Photography_Ashfield_Park_Engagement_Picnic-07 Jilske_Wedding_Photography_Ashfield_Park_Engagement_Picnic-08 Jilske_Wedding_Photography_Ashfield_Park_Engagement_Picnic-09 Jilske_Wedding_Photography_Ashfield_Park_Engagement_Picnic-10

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