October 18, 2012

Engaged in the Blue Mountains

Back in August, Bram and I celebrated our wedding anniversary. Number 6 already! That deserves an exclamation mark as it is truly hard to believe sometimes. Hard, because he makes everything so easy. We still send each other little notes and hugs every day. I am the clown when he is down. And he is the sun when I am a rainy day. He teaches me every day about the stars and how to appreciate the little things in life. And I still fine him 200$ for every butt pinch (though due to recent inflation there’s been a temporary discount I might add).

Aaaaaaanyway, so we wanted to celebrate something special. At the same time Naomi and Bobby wanted to have their portrait session done. Now he had asked her to marry him in the Blue Mountains, where they often go to unwind. So today’s engagement photos are brought to you from Blackheath, where we not only had an amazing anniversary weekend, but also heaps of fun with Bobby, Naomi and the polaroid 🙂

Bobby and Naomi, can’t wait to see you guys tomorrow at your wedding!


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