Why do we need photos now more than ever?

We live in a day and age where more photos are made every day than any other day before. So why would you want me photographing your family? Because YOU should be in the photos too. Photos with my parents are the ones I treasure most from my own childhood…unfortunately I only have a handful (!) where they are both in the frame. Yes, your children will want to see photos of themselves, what made them smile, the things they loved, all those tiny features and details you love so much and want to capture forever and ever. But more than anything, they want to see photos of you. Photos that show them 20-30 years from now: this is how much we loved you. This is what made us happy.

How does it work?

Before your session we go through a few questions to delve deeper into what makes your heart sing. What makes all the hard parenting challenges worth it. Your answers inspire the look & feel of your session, where we go and what we do together. To me photographing is about so much more than just beautiful images. Yes on the day itself I try to find the perfect light, but more than anything I want to make sure you are comfortable and having a good time. At your session we chat, play and let the chaos unravel. Don’t worry about the kids not behaving – it often creates the best moments! I see you and will capture the beauty in between the mayhem and create little treasures for future generations to find.

A week after your session you will receive a link to your personal on-line gallery where you can select the images you’d like to buy. Those images are lovingly retouched and delivered on USB as well as digital downloads. At this point I encourage you to print those chosen images – either hang them on your wall or put them in a book for the kids to leaf through.
I have a sad blogpost in the works about how I have zero photos of myself as a baby (*film negatives lost*) and how my friends lost all their images of their baby’s first year (*hard drive corrupt*). So print print print. Get something tangible. Don’t let time erase those memories.

Sounds great, how do I book?

The session fee (275$) is payable in advance and books your date. This guarantees you at least 1-2 hours of shooting time with me in a location of your choice. Digital images are priced from $75 a la carte and collections from $300. Complete pricing is yours when you talk to me!

Talk To Me

Now booking for May 2018 and beyond!!!


How many images do we get from a session?
Typically your proofing gallery will have more than 50 images.

Do you travel?
Yes, I started when I was 18 and haven’t stopped. I photograph families here on the Central Coast, but often work in the greater Sydney area, or my other home base, Belgium. Anything outside of those areas might incur a small travel fee, contact me with your preferred date and location.

Return clients?
For some clients I am their family photographer and I am so grateful for their trust in me – every return customer is automatically gifted 25$ off their session fee.

Help, I don’t know what to wear!?!
Don’t buy a new outfit you’ll never wear again. Remember, the key thing is that you feel comfortable, so don’t worry, we’ll work it out together when we plan your session.

I’d love photos of just my kids please. I have 3 chins/fat arms/twisted legs and hate having my photo taken. Can you just photoshop me out?
Erm, read the first part of this page again. You’re not getting any younger. You have to be in the photos too, all 3 chins of you, while you’re still here. Unfortunately people have been traumatised by really awkward phone snapshots and bad angles.  Be candid with me about what bothers you. Trust me, nobody on this page is a professional model, yet they all look and feel great.