December 6, 2012

Featured – Rear Curtain

The thing I remember most about Min Naing and his family is their generosity. They opened their house and lives to me and patiently told me about their family’s history – as I repeatedly asked questions, took notes and documented their work with my camera. When I returned later that year to visit them and give some prints, I received a welcome as if we had known each other forever. I remember taking a photo of the lunch they prepared for me – you won’t find it in the story – but it’s on my wall here next to me. For me to remember and keep their hope alive with them.

If you’d like to know more about Min Naing, his umbrella workshop and the hope I was talking about, you can read their story ‘Under One Umbrella’ now in Rear Curtain. This magazine champions storytelling through photography. In their words:

Through sharing our lives and those of the people around us–our family, friends, neighbors, and our community–we can move others to new points of view by showing what we all have in common regardless of race, culture, religion or geography. These stories can improve understanding and influence behavior, all with the hope of–in some way–changing the future.

They have just released their third issue and I’m thoroughly excited to see the story in print (and send a copy to Min Naing :)). Please visit this page for more information about this issue and a link where you can order it.

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