February 17, 2012

Her dream come true

I won’t lie, I’m a little excited to show you this today. Okay, not just a little, a LOT, teehee.

Meet Jess:

How adorable is she right!?! But I like my cute with a little bit of wicked. And so does Jess. Cue her dream. And what might that be you ask? Good question! Jess really really really (REALLY) hated her wedding dress. Don’t worry, she had two at her wedding. Lucky girl. But this one gave her so much headaches that after the event, she started having visions of tearing it to bits and pieces. Putting it on fire. Throwing it to the dogs. Incidentally, their dogs are way too tiny to eat wedding dresses, so it just took up closet space for two years. Precious closet space.

Since I love helping people make their dreams come true, we set a date to get together. Jess and Rob brought their hated wedding outfits, I brought the props. And then we all had some fun…

PS: Don’t worry, Rob never actually wore that suit at the ceremony. But I did joke he could call me anytime he wanted to schedule a Miami Vice shoot!



Brilliant! Such a cool idea! My favourite, favourite image is the one at about 40 seconds, where she is behind a mist of falling green powder

14:18 February 17, 2012


    Yay, that is Jess's favourite image as well. Very happy she trusted me enough to just close her eyes and go for it. I promised her it would be worth it!

    11:02 March 1, 2012


Oh, that's just amazing! I loved the (baseball? cricket?) sounds in the soundtrack too! SHE RUNS! SHE SCORES! Great pictures Ilse -and great models too! Congrats, Jessica & Rob :o)

16:48 February 17, 2012


    So when are we scheduling your portrait shoot Sofia? ;-)

    10:59 March 1, 2012


For the record, Jess looked fantastic at the wedding.. in both dresses! But this is great fun.. and terrific shots :-)

09:42 February 18, 2012


    Hi Rob's mum! She is gorgeous isn't she :) You raised quite a lucky man there...

    10:58 March 1, 2012

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