May 3, 2013

Meet the lucky winner of our Valentine’s gift

Back in February, Petrina and I teamed up for a Valentine’s contest. People could nominate someone close to them who they think deserves to feel beautiful. That person would receive a full makeover & photoshoot. Two people on opposite sides of the world, at the same time, entered one of their dearest friends. And I’m honored to introduce you to her today, meet our lucky winner, Anna!

Anna is a busy mum who works as an environmental scientist, so she doesn’t get much opportunity to be pampered and feel glamorous. She never had professional photos taken before, so our goal for this session was to remind her of just how naturally beautiful she is, to celebrate her and document the things she enjoys in life. And for her to have a few keepsakes of this time, not just for her, but in the future for her daughters to treasure and have a beautiful photo of their mum as well!

Anna has beautiful thick strawberry blonde hair, which Petrina swept up into a tousled, easy updo – a different look for Anna, which she loved. For her make-up Petrina did a sheer foundation, pretty cheeks in a natural peachy stain, a wash of soft shimmer on her eyes and some individual lashes for extra lush eyes. Anna confessed she’s never found the right lip colour before, so she was delighted with one of Petrina’s Studio colours, ‘Hippie Hi Gloss’ in a soft coral. This complements her natural, fresh and relaxed style. It’s always such a delight to see the transformation that takes place, Anna looked and felt simply gorgeous: Portrait_Makeover_Photoshoot

Before the shoot, Anna and I created a mood board together. Anna likes pepper and willow trees, coffee, writing and the mix of rustic with industrial. Together with her wardrobe it gave us the perfect idea of what, where and when to shoot, and even what soundtrack to whistle to 🙂 Here are a few of the highlights of our time spent together…
PS: Anna will have a hard time choosing which one to print, so leave a comment below and let us know which one’s your favourite!


Jake Thomas

Amazing photos!! Definitely the one holding the balloons under the archway!

11:45 May 3, 2013


    Thanks Jake! Funny you picked the exact same one as Linda below :)

    09:05 May 6, 2013


The one where she holds balloons! It captures the personality of the Anna I know, beautiful and playful!

20:15 May 3, 2013


    Marvelous Linda, I'll make sure Anna knows!

    09:06 May 6, 2013

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