September 26, 2011

Mercedes + Pieter’s wedding | Hacienda San Agustin | Atlixco, Puebla, Mexico

Friday June 3rd, 2011. I slowly open my eyes. The serenading traffic outside tells me I’m in Mexico. Funny how everything here has its own melody, from men to women to churches to lyrical cars. Mercedes and Pieter went to Mexico City last night to welcome their international guests. I decided to stay in Puebla to scout locations for tomorrow’s wedding. I slowly walk to my window, still a bit disoriented from the jet-lag. I look outside. WOW!!! Before me is the historical centre of Puebla. But that is not the thing that wakes me up. Behind the city lies Popocatépetl, also affectionately called ‘Popo’ by the locals. And just this morning, I watch him erupt with a vigor the locals haven’t seen in a long time. Mary assures me that evening it’s an auspicious sign. Nothing to worry about, tradition has it when Popo erupts, good things happen.

And so it goes. The next day a Mexican princess marries her Belgian prince. Their traditional ceremony, led by Meche’s adorable uncle, includes the giving of the ‘arras’ (coins) and being united by the ‘lazo’, a rosary in the figure eight to symbolize infinity.
Afterwards, everyone heads to the Hacienda where another joyful eruption takes place. Mexicans sure know how to party. And the Belgian family and friends from all over the world join in. La gran fiesta! The tequila flows freely, marimba is followed by salsa, disco and last but not least the Mariachi.

Meche told me her favorite picture is the one below.  The colors, the plants, the fountain and the hacienda remind her of her native country. And she’s happy that Pieter and herself look so elegant. Well, that’s because they are! 

As you can see Popo’s blessing even chased away the forecasted rain! I fell in love with the gorgeous sunlight in Mexico. Seriously. Hard not to make beautiful photos when you have a couple like this and light like that.
Here’s a small selection of my favorites, the hardest part was narrowing it down from over 500 photos.
I am really happy they opted to see each other before the ceremony, we had the hacienda all to ourselves. And I have to thank Paola, who was on dress watch, and Maria Fernanda for the behind the scenes photos. And both families for being so friendly all day, making me feel at home and making sure love was in the air.
A big shout-out to the following people who went above and beyond to ensure all went well:

  • Hacienda San Agustin in Atlixco. Denisse and her family are amazing. No question is too much.
  • Jose and Jael Cuautle from Floreria Tips for the truly beautiful flower arrangements.
  • The handlers of the Templo (church) San Francisco Acatepec who showed me around and let me go up to the choir.

Mercedes loved this post so much, she translated it into Spanish! Clic aquí para la traducción al español.

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