June 4, 2012

Thank You.

Anybody who knows me well, knows I have a thing for lighthouses. So when Mr Jilske and I trekked through New Zealand, I took him on a little detour to Cape Palliser. We camped the night at the bottom of the cliffs. Windy, cold and isolated. But we had a bottle of wine to keep us warm, and the next morning enjoyed breakfast in the company of at least a hundred seals. It’s those little things.

Last week, when I created my facebook page, I hadn’t expected so many people to show their support. Heartwarming. It’s those little things.

So then I thought of how I could say thank you. And I thought back of that cold night up in the cliffs, playing around with my tripod. And I knew it would make for a great desktop background. I¬†also added a portrait of the lovely temple-keeper at Hsinbyume pagoda in Mingun, Burma. So in case you are not a superfan of lighthouse views like I am, you have a choice between a portrait and a landscape. Do leave me a comment below and let me know which one you’ve picked!

I know it’s only a little thing… but it’s those little things that matter ūüôā

And speaking of things that matter. Coincidentally, Gavin Gough, an amazing travel photographer, just released a pack of 31 wallpapers. He also teaches photography to under-privileged children. If you like to inspire yourself with beautiful imagery and support this great cause, take a few minutes and check out the link.

Thank you, thank you, thank you x 1000.

The isolated lighthouse in Cape Palliser at dusk

The templekeeper of Hsinbyume pagoda in Mingun.

Click on the images above to open them in a new window. Right-click and save it to your computer or directly ‘set as desktop background’. Any questions, just ask!



That was a difficult choice! I went back and forth and finally ended up downloading the templekeeper but then my stupid controlled-by-microsoft netbook didn't allow me to change my desktop background. Stupid Windows for netbooks. I got the pic though and I'll use it somewhere else for sure :0) p.s.: I think I'll download the lighthouse too, on second thought. Beautiful images! Thanks for sharing!

19:12 June 4, 2012


    Thanks, of course you can download both :)

    09:05 June 5, 2012


In the car this morning I heard a conversation about keeping older workers in the workplace. Despite the costs (in terms of more expensive worker's compensation insurance) society would save heaps because people in work have fewer mental health issues in particular, fewer health issues in general, and are not forced into the the "New Start" ridiculous bureaucracy of paperwork and interviews for jobs that they will never be given. A fellow rang in to the radio station and said how lovely it had been for him to be re-employed as a teacher from the age of 60 til he turned 70, when he officially retired. He talked about being able to make a contribution, and how valuable that felt for him. Just as you have contributed to the beauty of my life by placing making these pictures, and sharing how they make you feel - putting me in touch with your heart. How wonderful. Thank you xx

10:27 June 6, 2012


    Thanks John, for making me feel valuable too. And so we pass on the little lights that warm our hearts x

    10:45 June 6, 2012


Just realise I'm into lighthouses. At least a lot more than into temple-keepers. ;)

02:15 June 7, 2012


    Haha thanks, maybe I should also post one of the temples they keep? :)

    12:04 June 7, 2012

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