January 10, 2017

The fantastic Fuji

Just a quick update to answer some questions I received after my last post.

What do I shoot with now? Fuji.
Have I left Nikon for good? Maybe, never say never!
Why do you have so much stuff? What can I say… some women collect handbags, I hoard camera gear 😀
Why did you switch? Now here is an interesting question. I have nothing against Nikon. I love love love all my gear. But did I use my Nikons to photograph my baby’s first year? No I did not. The little panasonic lumix did it for me. It was lighter, easier to manoeuvre and just overall felt more appropriate. It however wasn’t up for photographing weddings all day. Enter the Fuji. I love having one system for both personal and professional work. I love how much closer I get. I love how excited I am.

I did not switch overnight, as with all my pro gear, I thoroughly tested it out first and then gradually introduced it in wedding and family sessions. Here are a few examples from the past year.

And remember, que sera, sera. It’s only a camera. Catching the light is the hard part 😉

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