February 2, 2012

The Tasman Devils

Furball alert! How cute are these little devils??? Fuzzy. Sleepy. And mostly blind. Which doesn’t make them the best hunters in the animal world. Understatement of the year. But they don’t really care. They have got at least half a sense of smell. And they will eat anything. Literally! Not just the meat, but also skin, hair, bones,… as if it were mashed potato!

So why are they called devils then? Well, let’s just say they get a bit carried away when they smell food…

Their wailing/barking is über-creepy. And I imagine pretty scary at night. But watching them chase each other around is hilarious! At one point, one of them even ran OVER the food on the ground to chase one of his friends. See, that’s why I said they only have HALF a sense of smell! Cute yes, but also a little bit stupid maybe 🙂

See, even Skippy thinks they’re funny!



Small world, Tasmania! Shame we didn't bump into each other at the Tassie Devil park... :)

13:36 February 2, 2012


Did you see the tawny frogmouth? A bird with a 'beak' like a frog! Seriously, Australia does have the weirdest creatures...

19:22 February 2, 2012

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