It’s not about the dress. The size of the rock. Or the pretty venue. It’s about saying yes. To your best friend. In front of the people that matter. To say “no matter what, I will try to make this – to make us – work”, because you love, truly, deeply, madly and you’ve found the person you can imagine yourself lying next to when you’re 80 years old, holding hands, and nothing would make you happier. It’s about saying that you don’t want to take that journey alone, but you have found someone to walk alongside with. And even when the going gets rough and paths seem to diverge, you will truly, honestly, try to keep going in parallel.

Of course I will take pretty pictures of your dress, your ring and everything else. But what matters to me most is that you have something to look back on when you do live to be 80. To show people that you were once young and foolish and ridiculously happy. To have something to look at when you’re not so sure anymore. When you wonder why you got married in the first place – and to have it all come back at you, how you felt then, why you were there. How everyone shared in the love you have.

When I married my best friend, we didn’t have a color scheme. We didn’t say ‘I do’ in a church. I wasn’t wearing white. Or any of the other things that would have been considered the ‘norm’ at that time in Belgium. We wrote our own vows and promised one another to stick together through the good, the bad and the ugly.  There was candlelight, music we loved, words that meant something to us (and still do) and we were standing in the attic of an old monastery/brewery, a place close to our hearts and where we grew up. We shared the day with our very close friends and family and danced the night away – quite literally as we stumbled into bed at 5am in the morning, tired but oh so happy.
If you’re wondering what color my dress was, well, that’s us on the carousel. Proof a good wedding photo never dates (but wedding suits might ;)).

If, like me, you believe your wedding shouldn’t be about conforming to anyone’s expectations but your own. If you want photos to remember those things you picked out because they mean something to you. If you want to have fun and look great in portraits – even though you believe you are the least photogenic person in the world. If you don’t want to spend countless hours away from your party to take those portraits. Then let me help you. Drop me a line to say hello and for more info and pricing. I don’t do pre-made packages, but to give you an indication, people have spent anywhere from 600 AUD to 4200 AUD with me. Each wedding and celebration is unique and I’d love to hear more about what you’re planning for yours!

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